Sponsor Axes for Hope

Your sponsorship of AXES FOR HOPE will provide HOPE to families living PWS. PWS is rare, there are very few medical specialists familiar with PWS, and there is no cure. PWSA | USA believes that Family Support, Advocacy & Awareness, and Research are all needed to improve the quality of life for those who are living with PWS, and these three pillars are the core mission for PWSA | USA. Family Support service begins by providing education and HOPE to families at the time of diagnosis and continues to support these families throughout their lifetime. The Advocacy & Awareness team strives to effect positive change in and for the PWS community by educating public officials and influencing policy change. PWSA | USA Research seeks to support projects with the potential for immediate and high impact for the PWS community.

Please consider sponsoring our event and help allow PWSA | USA to continue their mission to bring HOPE to families living with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Silent Auction Donations

If you would like to donate goods and/or services to our silent auction, please contact us. We are looking for at least 16 Silent Auction Packages, each with a minimum recommended value of $100.